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C.C. Hogan

I Ached for You

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I put on an old record
Unloved for many a year
Tucked behind a memory
Stood against a wall

I listened to the beat
And felt the lost note of its call
I let it wash away my present
And just for the moment
I ached for you

I turned up the volume
Little Feat, dancing through my fingers
An old sound, treasured memories
Tapping my feet, recalling love

I felt you wrapped around me
In my brother’s house, small, incomplete
Kissing deep, I really did love you
And just for a moment
I ached for you

Drove north to a northern town
Walls we walked, long summer’s day
Crazy to drive so far but cares?
Young is about crazy things.

Grab a burger? A dreamy bar
Juice running down your chin
I kiss it clean, giggling, foolish
And just for a moment
I ache for you

Old now, but I can be young
I can lie in my bed, drinking hard
And the years are rinsed away
So many loves; you, her, others

The best of you, of all of you
Always distant, my lovers, so true
I lived with the worst, not the best
Now for a moment
I ache for you


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