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C.C. Hogan

C.C. Hogan - Author

Series 2 - Girls of Dirt

Set 500 years after the first series, with brand new characters and some well-loved names from the first books, this is a story about the women of Dirt and the dragons that become their friends.  Strong female leads, a wonderful tale. Coming soon: Dragons of Dirt and the dramatic People of Dirt.

Includes a recap of series one.

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I am Powered by Indie

During October 2016, Amazon KDP, the publishing system aimed primarily at independent authors, has been running a promotion called Powered by Indie. The aim is to promote the world of the Indie Author and, probably, sell more books. So, this is just a short piece about what I like about being an indie author.

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Dealing with Politics in Young Literature

When I wrote The Stink, which is set in North London in the seventies, I really couldn't tell a tale about people living then without confronting the political climate of the time. I am not talking about who was Prime Minister or what policies the main parties had, but the politics of the street and the culture; how we dealt with one another.

Politics doesn't have to be in books for kids, but when it is there in the environment, the writer should deal with it, not hide it away. Young people deserve better than pretending it doesn't happen.

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Shadow Stalker - The Writing of a Serial

Author Renee Scattergood has announced Part Three of her wonderful Shadow Stalker series. It is out now at Amazon and other e-book stores.

But why has she written this story as a serial and made much of it free? In this guest post, Renee touches on the birth of Shadow Stalker and its release in serial form. Something many new authors may wish to consider doing.

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A new idea and a new writing partner?

I am mulling over a new project that is in a completely different direction to any of my existing work. Not sure if it will happen, but if it does, it will be in collaboration with a very bright, interesting mind that I have recently got to know.

But what it is like to collaborate?

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I Met a Woman

A short story based on a true event that happened just a few hours back. The moment of love as two complete strangers meet in the most unromantic of place - a car park lift.

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Recording my Poetry

I have already recorded several of my poems and put them up on YouTube, but I have now decided to record many more of them.

This is partly because I enjoy performing poems and also because I am building up to a much bigger job.

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What was it?

When I was about fifteen, there was a girl who lived near us, my age, who knew she was gay. This was the seventies and her parents did not understand; the church the family attended did not understand. So, she ran away.

This is what I hoped happened to her.

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Your Anger

An angry, challenging rant to a lover who desperately needs to vent her anger.

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The wonderful stink of Camden Market

A poem about an alternative market in London that has been running for years and is where hippies and punks and new-wave and even cowboy boot lovers all mix and are crazy together. If you are even in London, go there on a Sunday

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Setting up StyleWriter 4 for editing Novels

StyleWriter 4 is an add-in for Microsoft Word that analyses your document to help improve your writing style. I am currently evaluating it and am so far finding it useful, despite the odd bug.

However, out of the box, it can be an eyeful for the author who is more interested in the sentence and less interested in a huge pile of statistics. So, here is a short guide and some thoughts aimed at book authors.

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Uncomplicated Friendship

A song about simple friendship. No questions, no demands, just kind of being there when someone needs you to be - even if it is across the world.

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Roslyn Gilmour Stripped Bare

It would seem that even when the characters in a story are safely distant in another dimension, they can still find their way into the mind and soul of the author; with or without permission. Perhaps this is the fault of the author; if you insist on creating a machine that allows your characters access to your head, maybe you should not be surprised when they use it. Isn't that right, Roslyn?

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Shakespeare and the Fantasy Writer

As we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Bard's death, I cannot help but think about how his writing and his approach to the human condition influenced fantasy writers around the world - including me!

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Mary Anne Yarde Stripped Bare

The chill of an ancient world wraps around the fortress as the Mary Anne Yarde, author, lover of history, finds herself in the stark, unforgiving stones of Benwick Castle. A land of her own making, the setting of her novel, The Du Lac Chronicles, she now confronts the former King of Cerniw in a most unusual audience.

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Series One & Two are out now!

Start series one with Dirt for Free, and start reading the brand new series two with Girls of Dirt for only 99p!

Girls of Dirt includes a recap of series one.

Get it now at the Dirt website


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